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Most Creatively Spoilt Ballot Prize

For the disaffected
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Spoiling a ballot is one way of saying "None of the above".

What if it could mean something ?

During the count, spoilt ballots are set aside. The candidates and their representatives are permitted to inspect them and dispute the decision of the counters if required; in the case of recounts, these disputed ballots may decide the poll.

But we digress.*

If the spoilt ballot has artistic or humorous qualities, it can be considered for the Most Creatively Spoilt Ballot Prize for the constituency. Though the author retains anonymity - and thus relinquishes any rights to their product to the public domain - the winning item is displayed in the count room, and subsequently published on a website.

There could be a National Championship, too.

*However, we are assured that applying Rentisham's to the Affected Region will effect a near-miraculous cure.

8th of 7, Dec 12 2019

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Inspiration for the idea. [8th of 7, Dec 12 2019]

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       There is no situation that cannot be alleviated, ameliorated or rectified by the application of Rentisham's. Once the documents are made public, I shall reveal the role of Rentisham's in the de-escalation of the Cuban Missile crisis.   

MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2019

       Rentishams, putting the rect into rectified
pocmloc, Dec 12 2019

       and the festering into festivities.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2019

       Tories win, expect minimum wage to be a minus figure
not_morrison_rm, Dec 13 2019

       Since when do slaves get wages ?
8th of 7, Dec 13 2019

       Slaves have received wages in many cases throughout history. See also: Shanghaiing, prison labor, labor conscription, family court, military drafts, hue and cry laws, ancient Greece, modern Greece, McDonald's.
Voice, Dec 13 2019

       There's also the Navy's notorious press gangs, and the Asian clothing and shoe industries.
8th of 7, Dec 13 2019

       Push the chads out in an Morse code of SOS and BORIS IS AN SOB.
RayfordSteele, Dec 14 2019


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