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Mothball Coat-hanger

moths eat coats......
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If coat-hangers were dipped in a mothball-type substance, you wouldn't have to buy mothballs.
DesertFox, Jan 13 2005


       True, but it would make your clothes stink of mothball s for evermore.
DaveW-H, Jan 13 2005

       mmmmmmmmm naphthalene <cough>
po, Jan 13 2005

       That's a lot of eunuch moths.   

       Buy cedar hangers. They smell yummy and keep the moths away. Yaaaay!   

       Keeps 'em from breeding, [2fries].
Machiavelli, Jan 13 2005

       and it's a durn sight easier than trying to spay'em lemme tellya.   


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