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Motorcyclist's Summer Jacket

Stop being a human balloon
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The de rigueur item in biker fashion is of course the leather jacket. However, this tends to be somewhat hot, and consequently unhygienic, during the summer months, particularly in the southern climes. Hence, many motorcyclists tend to wear light jackets or T-shirts instead.

This is unfortunate. Since riders lack protection from the wind, such apparel tends to billow horrendously, transforming the image of the rider from a suave, freewheeling soul, to a comical-looking hapless dweeb who can't afford a proper car.

To rectify this, I propose a motorcyclist's summer jacket, which is essentially a conventional light jacket, but with numerous little flaps on the back side. While ordinarily kept closed by means of gravity and small, wire-like magnets, the slightest air pressure is sufficient to open these flaps, thus preventing the jacket from ballooning as the wind streams freely through.

The exact size and number of the flaps would have to be worked out by trial and error.

Dr Furtz, Jun 12 2001


       I'm not 100% sure of this, but I'd guess that a lot of the billowing comes not from air trying to push its way through the jacket, but from the vacuum created behind the rider as air rushes past him. If that's the case, I don't think flaps in the jacket would help much.
beauxeault, Jun 12 2001

bookworm, Jun 12 2001

       I think you are correct beauxeault, the wake vacuum is the primary culprit. Maybe one way to alleviate this would be to have bands of strong, unelastic fabric that run laterally through the jacket, between the lining and the exterior surface. These would keep the back of the jacket snug against the rider, much as a leather jacket does now. As for protection when you come off the bike at 60 . . . well, few things are better than leather for that, I'd guess.
bristolz, Dec 15 2001

       How about an airbag suit? Get sideways and turn into the Michelin man!
StarChaser, Dec 15 2001

       How about... a tight-fitting shirt or jacket?   

       sadly, having flaps in a leather jacket is not going to change the fashion sense of those who wear baggy clothing when in motion.
Rakel, Oct 05 2002

       I'd rather have a full-density leather jacket with some designed-in air vents for cooling
BunsenHoneydew, Oct 07 2002

       This is basically baked, new style of jacket on the market is a leather construction jacket, fully perforated with body armor. Basically feels like you are wearing a t-shirt. I believe Joe Rocket sells them, but I can't find a link.
TBK, Oct 07 2002

       billowing hides bulging biker bellies, so its not all bad.
sninctown, Mar 11 2006

       Surely beauxeault , if there weas a vacuum then the vents would be sucked open and - voila! de-billowing would occur!
Arnold Grunchfuttock, Apr 01 2006

       THe only thing is, motorbikers love their image. I mean, they could wear something high tech that makes more sense, but they would be called sissies. Good idea though (+)
craziness, Apr 01 2006

       Oo, ooo! Want one of those that [TBK] mentioned. I am seriously uncool and pitifully cramp my fella's style by wearing a light-blue peter storm cagoul and sheepskin mittens when on what he so nicely calls "the bitch pad".
squeak, Apr 04 2006

       This is baked. I have a jacket that is thick leather & has multiple zippers throughout. The zippers are tight enough that when they're closed, they keep out the wind. When they're open, they allow wind to blow through with no billowing. Each zipper is about 6 inches long. Zips along the forearms & upper chest allow air to enter, and zips on the back allow air to exit. Front pockets can also be opened to contribute to airflow.   

       Winter features: sleeves are long & zip up tight to prevent air from getting in. Neck is also tight, with a flap that goes across the adam's apple. Backside is cut long to cover the small of your back. Includes thick liner that can be snapped in for insulation. Brilliant design.   

       Bought in Texas for $300 at Austin Cycle Salvage. Can't remember the brand.
luxlucet, Apr 04 2006


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