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Moulting socks

Let pooch clean up after itself
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During the months of the dog moulting, slip onto the pooch's paws the moulting socks which have Velcro under soles and let it walk around collecting all the unwanted hairs,(well some of them)then remove the hair into the bin or simply weave a cap for your cat.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

Anti-shedding suit http://www.halfbake...nti-shedding_20Suit
when you have problems with pesky pet hairs [Aurora, Oct 24 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

sticky wall http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sticky_20Wall
XsX's version to prevent the problem [blissmiss, Oct 24 2002]

Sticky Shoes http://www.halfbake...idea/Sticky_20Shoes
Older idea put the stickiness on you instead of the pet [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "Malting"? I was looking forward to seeing how to make really *good* beer from really *bad* socks.
lurch, Oct 22 2002

       Can i have those socks [lurch] for my Feralbot ?
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       Just hope you don't want a matched pair.   

       Anyway, back to the idea... If you're using the hook side of the velcro, and the dog walks across the carpet -   

       Didn't we already have a Cat Immobilizer?
lurch, Oct 22 2002

       //hook side of the velcro// are you suggesting it wont work?   

       //cat immobilizer// eh?
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       Sorry, I had it wrong. A previous idea was the "Cat Incapacitator", which would render a cat stationary. I figured that given certain weaves of carpet, the velcro hooks might securely anchor the dog.
lurch, Oct 22 2002

       Cat/Dog *BIG* difference unless you have one of those pug thingy's i'm talking Digby.
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       <seuss>Fox on box in moulting socks.</seuss>
I liked it better spelled the other way.
Amos Kito, Oct 22 2002

       sp: moulting.
yamahito, Oct 22 2002

       I like this idea. croissant
po, Oct 22 2002

       [admin: changed spelling in title malting -> moulting]
I'll leave the rest for the author.
st3f, Oct 22 2002

       Now it reads even better! Socks that moult. Great. Where do I get them. I just can't wait to clear up all those bits of yarn that drop uncontrollably from my socks.
PeterSilly, Oct 22 2002

       Malting/Moulting..google search...yep,...thanx
skinflaps, Oct 23 2002

       the best material for these hair catchers would be an electrostatically charged cloth. or you could just tie Swiffer© sheets, or any house cleaning product in that vain, onto your dog's paws.
goostas, Oct 23 2002

       It wouldn't hurt to have an easy way to pick up all that dog and cat hair. But I just have a feeling that skinflaps can get along happily amidst the stuff.
rabbit, Oct 23 2002

       Or even better than [goostas] suggestion. Tie squares of "Swifter" material around the feet of a bunny [rabbit], feed it a handful of Mexican jumping beans, and let it hop around like mad for about 2 days. That should do it.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2002

       [bliss] ooooh, so much better, so much faster... think of the uses for a hopped up bunny [rabbit]...
goostas, Oct 23 2002

       Fussy note to [st3f]: "molt" is the preferred American spelling of the British "moult."
snarfyguy, Oct 23 2002

       Is it really snarfy? I've always said "moult". But, then again, I'm from the south, we always are a bit backwards...
barnzenen, Oct 23 2002

       [barnz] they are talking about shedding, not mold.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2002

       Here, here.   

       Isn't molting what birds and reptiles do? I've always taken it to mean the complete (or nearly so) loss of existing skin cover and that it is initiated by growth. Shedding I've always taken to be a more selective type of loss and tending to be seasonal (summer coat/winter coat). Where's [susen] when you need her?
phoenix, Oct 23 2002

       Not as far as one might think, thankfully.
blissmiss, Oct 23 2002

       bliss and goos: No need for jumping beans, thanks. We rabbits are already hopped up. If you want to hop us up even more, the best way is to, well, you know.
rabbit, Oct 24 2002

       Uhmmm... take you out for a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, perhaps?
blissmiss, Oct 24 2002

       Or you could just try the anti-shedding suit... [link] we could make 'em for dogs too.
Aurora, Oct 24 2002

       Didn't XsX have an idea for a de-shedding room or wall? Must go look.
blissmiss, Oct 24 2002


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