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Mouse Eye

Not as useful as [JoeLounsbury]'s version.
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A mouse, with the normal rollerball replaced by a synthetic eyeball. Serves no other purpose than the fact that I could turn my mouse upside down and freak myself out occasionally.

As I was mousing, I'd also know that my mouse-eye was rolling around in a manic fashion beneath my hand, even though I couldn't see it. How exciting!

An advanced version could have a tiny camera in the eyeball, so that it could "look " at the build-up of gunk on the tracker wheels.

Play a practical joke on your friends by surreptitiously replacing their mouse-eye with an even-more-freaky Terminator version.

Fishrat, Nov 10 2003


       I DO like the idea of being able to buy novelty mouse balls which looked like eyes, testicles, marbles, etc and placing them secretly in my colleagues' mice to annoy/scare/amuse them. Plus for this, and also because you were decent enough to suggest using synthetic eyeballs - I'm just waiting for an annotation suggesting you use real eyeballs extracted from squirrels in the most painful possible way.
dobtabulous, Nov 10 2003

       Make the mouse out of clear plastic. Then you could watch the eye roll around and around and around and...   

       You could also just have an "eye socket" on top (with an eye lid?) where the eye shows through, so you don't have to look at all the electronics.
phoenix, Nov 10 2003

       Kensington used to make novelty balls for its track balls. Perhaps they still do.
DrCurry, Nov 10 2003

       They do novelty balls, but no eyeballs. I'm off to email their CEO.
Fishrat, Nov 18 2003

       I Love this idea!
InsanityKlaus, Nov 20 2003

       Mouse balls totally suck! at this century guys. Never ever would buy a mouse with balls. Even if they look like nice tits!
AliCo, Mar 01 2004

       What about mousie tongue ? [ The chairman is watching you ]
normzone, Mar 01 2004

       Yeah, with his little (infra) red book. No wonder he had no balls.
Fishrat, Mar 02 2004

       Heh, or get ones that replace trackballs. THAT could be fun. :)
excaliber, Mar 02 2004


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