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Moustache Phone

Don't wear it in the shower
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A reciever and mouthpiece attaches above the lip. Battery goes inside one of the nostrils. Also available in sideburn, goatee and full beard.
benfrost, Jun 20 2001

Half-baked by Cool McCool http://www.kidrhino...h.lasso?Number=2540
[angel, Jun 20 2001]


       Be great if it could transmit/receive odors as well as sound. "Are you eating chocolate? Save some for me!"
Dog Ed, Jun 20 2001

       And if you lick, does it remind you of a conversation you had a few hours ago?
goff, Jun 20 2001

       I'll have the Salvador Dali, please.
melanerpes, Jun 21 2001

       Those guys you see with big hairy dirty moustaches wandering about the city mumbling inaudible obscenities seemingly under their breath - it's the moustache phone ..
benfrost, Jun 21 2001

       I always wanted to grow a gigantic handlebar moustache. Just thought I'd mention it.
PS: I hate mobile phones in all their incarnations so please don't take this fishbone personally, benfrost.
DrBob, Jun 21 2001


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