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Cola mouthwash.
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Ever hate the taste of ordinary mothwash? Well, what's better than rinsing with cola? MouthPOP, the hottest new item out there.
jeneliyan, Nov 28 2000


       The best thing about this idea is that after a couple of weeks you will never have to worry about tooth decay because . . . well . . . you'll have no teeth.
Vecini, Nov 28 2000

       Interesting idea -- I don't see why the water in traditional mouthwash couldn't be replaced with carbonated water? ... but then again, I'm not a dentist.
danrue, Nov 28 2000

       Carbonated water tastes terrible. Sweetened carbonated water tastes good. But sugar defeats the point of mouthwash. Diet soda (sweetened with aspartame or saccharin) might work.
egnor, Nov 29 2000

       Mothwash? I've never had to wash a moth before...
AfroAssault, Nov 29 2000

       AfroAssault is literate but obviously naive. Moths need to be washed often as they are wont to inhabit catacombs and whatever.
Dolophine, Dec 04 2000

       AfroAssault naïve?
bristolz, Feb 24 2004

       What's "naive" mean? Is it like cute bunny rabbits?
AfroAssault, Feb 25 2004

       Since there's usually lots of alcohol in mouthwash anyway, maybe gin and tonic flavour is the way to go.
Monkfish, Feb 25 2004

       Carbonated water is acidic, and therefore whether sweetened or unsweetened, is not good for teeth.
kiragan, Sep 01 2004


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