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In edible capsules?
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Market swallowable antiseptic mouthwash in edible capsules large enough to provide a satisfying swill and gargle when about to play tonsil hockey in the modern manner, and avoid infection.

"Just a moment dear [fumble - rip - flip - crunch - pop - swill - gargle - gloop] - now where were we darling? Really you should have one too you know. What flavour? Hey where are you going?

rayfo, Jun 11 2001

Baked for people, if I understand this correctly. http://store.yahoo....t/breatasddig4.html
Aids digestion, too. [angel, Jun 11 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       The dog link dragged from my memory this limerick about dogs greeting each other.   

       They don't rush at each other and begin tongue-wrestling. Instead ...   

       When two dogs say "Hi there good friend" ... Each sniffs at the other's rear end. ... How strange it would be, ... If when you meet me. ... We also adopted this trend.   

       I think there's a link there somewhere.
rayfo, Jun 12 2001

       On my great aunt's bookshelf was a reference to Listerene™ as a 'deal breaker'.
reensure, Jun 12 2001


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