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Move Christmas into June

Antipodean Xmas
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South of the equator, Christmas should be 24th June, 3 days after the midwinter solstice.

On the equator, you can cheat and get 2 xmases per year.

pocmloc, Jan 24 2016

Christmas in July http://www.theholid...in_july/history.htm
[xandram, Jan 25 2016]


       Pretty soon someone's going to post "Move Christmas back to December"
hippo, Jan 24 2016

       I think we should move it to January. Everybody hates January.
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2016

       Maybe it should just move semi-randomly, like Easter, but with the date only being announced 42 days in advance, to pemit the timely purchase of advent calendars and brussls sprouts (which need to be boiled for a minimum of 35 days)
8th of 7, Jan 24 2016

       // Maybe it should just move semi-randomly, like Easter, //   

       Wouldn't it be much easier to keep track if we moved it to February 29th?
Canuck, Jan 25 2016

       People already have Christmas in July... it's for sales and other fun.[see link]
xandram, Jan 25 2016


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