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Move Christmas to the Lunar Calender

So everyone is happy
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Jewish Festivals move around from year to year since they are based on the lunar calendar of 29/30 day months, so Yom Kippur is somewhere between early September and late November. The reason it doesn't spread further than this is a periodic correction in the lunar calendar. If we do away with this correction, and switch Christmas from the 25th December to the 25th Adar, we can watch as it steadily drifts throughout the year. Over the course of a couple of decades we'd enjoy Christmases in Winter, Summer and all in between.
Germanicus, Dec 07 2009


       perhaps it should be a surprise date announced by the government say in the queen's speech - everyone likes a surprise at christmas. (not going to post another echo).
po, Dec 07 2009

       It would also give new meaning to the phrase "Christmas gets earlier every year", though actually I think a lunar calendar slips, so it would get later each year.
Germanicus, Dec 07 2009

       I believe the Muslim calendar does not have a periodic correction, so Eid gradually progresses around the year.
pocmloc, Dec 07 2009

       I like the idea of a randomly selected "Next Christmas" picked by the Queen. I think pulling the date out of a giant party hat would be satisfyingly festive.   

       Sometimes, Christmas would happen the next day, on other occasions, two years might pass.   

       I can imagine some pleasing chaos in the greetings card, bauble and travel industries.
DenholmRicshaw, Dec 07 2009

       Indeed the Muslim calendar would be more appropriate, being Jewish I just went with it because I knew it shifted.
Germanicus, Dec 08 2009

       + would the Queen kindly pull it out of a hat for US, too?
xandram, Dec 09 2009


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