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Move it Media Player

Workouts Guaranteed to Inspire You
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Experts say that motivation to exercise is often fueled by a "workout buddy." In practice, a workout buddy is often unavailable. When working out alone, it is often hard to find the motivation to push your self to the next level. Or, to even exercise at all.

Introducing the "Move it Media Player." The Move it Media Player periodically interrupts your music selections with inspiring feedback that you can either record yourself or a friend can record for you. Inspiring statements might include: - Remember, you are only 10 pounds from your goal weight. Push it harder. - Your skinny jeans want to come out of the closet. Let them out. GO! GO! GO! - What if [insert crush's name here] could see you now. How in shape are you?? You can do this. - etc.

In addition Move It Media Players includes a calendar and can automatically detect when you haven't use the Player in awhile. When you turn the Player on after a long absent, it lets you know you were missed: - Do regular workouts mean anything to you? - You're not going to lose any weight if we never workout, genius. - C'mon we've got work to do, lazy butt. - etc.

flynn, Jan 06 2007

Wouldn't be complete without this, either! Bookworm_27s_20Workout_20Equipment
[normzone, Jan 15 2007]

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       I'd get quite an upper arm workout from flinging this thing at high speed into a wall.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 12 2007

       A good idea, but one, i'd get rather annoyed with either my own or friend's voice which would lead to arguements; and two, i'd work harder if i was being told how fat i really was.. that'd be a bigger incentive. For example, not 'What if [insert crush's name here] could see you now. How in shape are you??'.. more like- What if [insert crush's name here] could see you now.. You're a fat-ass and they'll never even look at you because they'll think the sun's disappeared and the apocalypse is beginning. If you don't exercise, you'll end up fat, unhappy and alone, with only your tv and micro-meals to keep you company. Hey, i'm not saying work out, but you're pretty damn fat and if i was a real person i'd throw things at you and scorn you for resembling a hippo that's let itself go.. Work that flab off missy otherwise you'll never ever get laid!!'.. Now THAT'S an incentive!
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       [deoxyribonucleic] No worries, you could record that for yourself. The recording is customizable. I did enjoy what you wrote... very motivating, indeed.
flynn, Jan 14 2007


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