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Managed Music

No hassle music
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Targeted to the lazy or dumb music lover… Managed Music is a combination of a scaled down computer [large harddrive], stereo system and broad band internet connect.

The lazy/dumb person sets up music sets preferences [genres, artists, songs] or selects from predefined options [Top 50, All Patsy Cline, etc]. Managed Music connects to central server and creates a customized playlist, downloads/streams the digital music files, and plays them. Users can vote on/grade the music to make the systems intelligence and enable collaborative recommendations [other people that like A, enjoy B…].

Combine [& automates] Uplister and Napster. Great for daily uses or parties. Bars and restaurants my get a souped up version.

last_minute_fan, Sep 09 2001

LAUNCHcast http://www.launch.com/music/launchcast
Customized playlists. [bookworm, Sep 09 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Baked, exactly as described except for the commercial bundling. See link.
bookworm, Sep 09 2001

       thanks- LAUNCHcast fits the bill, except its streamed NOT downloaded and would need a constant connection which may not always be available
last_minute_fan, Sep 10 2001

       Aside from the implementation details, this sounds a lot like plain old broadcast radio.
wiml, Sep 10 2001

       my musical tastes change with my mood, so this wouldn't be very useful if I rated songs while I was happy, and then tried to listen to it when I was unhappy or something.
professorfrink, Apr 13 2002


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