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Movie Generator

Movie Generation from books
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A program that 'reads' a book and generates a movie from the book.

The proces from a book to film is creative and complex and involves many disciplines.

Would it would be possible to capture some the knowledge for each discipline (such as scripters, storyboarding, music writers, casting directors, etc. etc.)

Most of the required technology is today wide spread available like:

- 3d rendering of 3d environments and characters - Artificial Intelligence in specialist area's - Internet access to knowledge

Also the user input could be involved in the generation proces e.g. incorporate a casting preference by casting their favorite real live actor or actrice as main player (afourse a computer generator derivate)

Sad to see that films like Finaly Fantasy didn't make it; I wonder if people would accept computer generated movies generated from their favoirite books.

missionimpossible, Jun 07 2004


       I feel there is more skill to turning a book into a movie than a computer could possibly manage at the moment, how would it identify the long dull bits that have no real narrative value, or are there because being written word it has to paint the picture of an intricate scene.
engineer1, Jun 07 2004

       Your brain does this automatical. FISH
mongmaster, Jun 07 2004

       Wasn't this the problem with Harry Potter I & II? Literal translations of books don't work well on film.   

       Then again, I don't doubt that film-making will be reduced to merely (computer-style) scripting at some point in the all-too-near future. And I suspect we are there already in terms of children's cartoons.
DrCurry, Jun 07 2004


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