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Mowable Rubber Mesh Side Walks

Mowable Side walks made from Rubber strips from old tires.
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My pickup has a hand made rubber mesh matt as a bed protector made from old tires. Why not recycle old tires to make matts to make side walks that don't block rain fall, and lets the grass grow within the matt. A weed Wacker could be used to keep the grass short. Should be great for jogging trails etc and get rid of a few old tires at the same time.
Imathinker, Jul 19 2004

Turf reinforcement mesh http://www.boddingt...og/024turfreinf.htm
Similar thing, not recycled though. [unclepete, Oct 04 2004]


       deserves a bun with lashings of high colesterol butter
tasman, Jul 19 2004

       Sure I've seen something like this used on parking areas, first in concrete, later in black plastic/rubber. Bun for using recycled tyres though.
unclepete, Jul 20 2004

       The majority of the turf reinforcing geotextiles are made of recycled or high denisity polyethylene. Just using rubber instead [-]. This is just X made out of Y instead of Z, where Y gives no advantage and serves no purpose beyond what Z normally does. There is no invention here.
Laughs Last, Jul 20 2004

       If this was not picked up for sidewalks could it at least be used for children's play area . This might cut down on skinned knees
tasman, Jul 25 2004


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