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Mower Pull Handle attachment

A radio flyer wagon type handle attachment
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A one handed handle attachment that allows you to pull the lawnmower behind you. The cut-off lever can be done as bicycle hand brakes are done.

This may seem like an odd idea - why would anyone want to pull the mower behind them, you think. I would have thought that also. I have an injured shoulder currently so I tried to mow the yard by pushing with the good arm. (Starting the dang thing was very painful, though.)

In the heat I almost gave up as I was becoming too fatigued pushing with the one arm. I then thought of just pulling the mower behind me & discovered that it seems much, much easier to go about it that way even if you had two good arms.

Zimmy, Jul 30 2005


       Oh. There is something therein I've been warned about.
reensure, Jul 30 2005


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