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Mower plow

Plow snow with your self-propelled mower
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Clear snow with the big boys! Simply attach this blade to the front of your lawn- mower and you'll move more snow than in less time than you thought possible. This would be for a walk behind mower, ideally the self-propelled kind.

The blade is angled, so the offending water crystals get shoved aside; no need to scoop or shovel at the end of a row. The weight of the mower (don't forget your snow- chains) makes this work.

For an even cleaner sidewalk, replace the lawn-cutting blade with the broomblade attachment.

unthinkable, May 31 2005

[UB]s incorporated a couple more features. SnowMowChipNBlow
[gnomethang, Jun 01 2005]

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       A surprisingly practical idea. For use only in certain climates - I imagine [FarmerJohn] would buy one.
wagster, May 31 2005

       Seems unnecessary. A plow shovel works just fine. The lawnmower is very bulky.
daseva, May 31 2005

       I'd say it's about half unnecessary, daseva! There's probably a reason this hasn't been well-baked. But I do know several people with both a bulky lawn-mower and a bulky snowblower.
unthinkable, Jun 01 2005

       You don't see traction as a potential problem? Those wheels seem mighty skinny for this application, snow chains or not.   

       Since there is no steering mechanism to contend with, you might be able to install a set of rubber and/or steel cleated wider-than-puny-mower-wheel tracks.   

       Then again, I live in the Sonoran desert so what do I know about snow plows?
half, Jun 01 2005

       UnaBubba's SnowMowChipNBlow definately has the MowerPlow beat in the feature set (Sorry UB, didn't see your post). While the impetous – consolidating machinery and reducing redundancies – is the same, I'd argue that there's room for both entries. If only because of the differences in scope and do-ability.
unthinkable, Jun 01 2005

       This would be for a walk behind mower, ideally the self-propelled kind. (now added to my description. Thx Scout)
unthinkable, Jun 01 2005


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