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roll-out driveway liner that melts snow
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hate shovelling snow in a gravel driveway? Just roll out the driveway wizard...it's solar powered and will melt the snow quicker than you can break your back trying to move it with an oversized spoon...
shelley2, Nov 04 2002

Half Partners http://www.halfpart...y/FAQ.htm#Driveway1
Heated Driveways + merchandised by Half Partners = Baked [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]


       I've always thought of snow on the driveway as being a way of getting out of going anywhere. I'm not sure that this idea would catch on with school children, students and general slackers like myself.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 04 2002

       Depends on the speed with which the snow is falling, I reckon, [wgsqk].
bristolz, Nov 05 2002

       Might consume a lot of power.
bristolz, Nov 05 2002

       A more descriptive title is needed, methinks.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2002

       I think she means something like the covers you put on swimming pools in the summer to heat the water. sort of like a big piece of bubble wrap.
jonman, Jan 08 2003


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