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Mower with safety gripper

A lawnmower with gripper arm to move obstacles out of the way
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They're on every mower: warning signs reading "don't reach near the blades while mowing" - Perfectly sensible advice, ensured by the length of the control rods, so it's physically impossible to do so while still holding on to the gas lever. However, it means that every time you encounter a toy/stone/bush with very low branches/ect. in your path, you have to stop the mower, go and move the offending object and start the mower again. An answer to this is a long (6 feet) version of those gripper things people use to pick up trash (where you squeeze the handle to close the pincers at the other end) which clips on to the mower when not in use. Like this, you can stand safely behind the still-running mower, remove the obstacle and keep going.
Aegis, Jun 18 2004


       Or you could retro your mower with some duct tape.
ldischler, Jun 18 2004

       I guess that would be better then my "if-you-can-see-over- it-run-over-it" philosophy...+
swimr, Jun 18 2004

       Is it really that hard? I just mow around the object. When the object is beside my feet I bend down and pick it up then back up to mow the spot where the obstacle was.
scad mientist, Jun 18 2004

       You mow yours in efficient figure "8"s, too?
dpsyplc, Jun 18 2004


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