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Mr. Bean - Aroma preserving coffee machine

A coffee maker with grinder and vacuum storage for beans.
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Ever thrown out a package of stale coffee? Or even worse, made a couple of cups of poison from it instead?

Ground coffee gets stale within days and beans gets stale within a week. Combining a grinder/coffee maker and a storage department for beans with a vacuum pump (and possibly an airlock for when disposing beans into the grinder) gives you fresh coffee without the need to buy new coffee every week.

bohrax, Jul 28 2003

Coffee Storage http://coffeefaq.com/coffaq4.htm#degasshr
[Amos Kito, Oct 17 2004]


       Does it make a difference if it's in a vacuum, or is air-tight sufficient? I've read, as in the [link], oxygen causes coffee to go bad.
But I'd expect this would appeal to the coffee connoisseur.

       //beans in the freezer//
Vacuum pumps, airlocks, plus a refrigeration unit -- I'm gonna need a bigger countertop, MrBurns.
Amos Kito, Jul 28 2003

       I believe that the oxygene left in an airtight container is enough to make the beans go stale. That's why I figured the need for a vacuum pump.   

       As for freezing the coffee. I'm not sure which method is best (apart from the fact that most people already own a freezer ;-)). A minor advantage with Mr. Bean is that you can fill it (him?) with beans once a month and that you don't need to thaw the beans before use.
bohrax, Jul 28 2003


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