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Multiple Head Electric Toothbrush

Just bite down and be done with it.
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At my dentist's recommendation, I brush by teeth after every meal. (Yeah, right!)

In reality I am pretty good at doing so nightly before bed, but despite the advent of the electric toothbrush which beeps 3 times before shutting off to indicate time to change quadrants, I begrudge the time involved.

This invention consists of a custom dental appliance made from a bite casting with rotary or reciprocating brushes which operate simultaneously, reducing the brush time to under 20 seconds.

csea, Feb 26 2012


       Yes, yesser and yessest.   

       Or you could just stick a (new) toilet brush in your mouth and scrub it around. I still like the idea. I'd use it. [+]
Alterother, Feb 26 2012


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