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Multiple default download folders

Automatic folder selection based on file information
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Do you hate the hassle of having to clumsily select a different folder every time you download a specific type of file? Especially when that type of file only goes in one folder? This is where the Multiple default download folder extension comes in.

Imagine a world where you could save all .mpg files in your "Movies" folder, or place all those pesky .gifs in your "Funny Gifs" folder.

But why stop at just file extension? What about placing all files from a particular domain or subdomain in a folder of their own? Or putting all large .jpgs and .pngs in a "Wallpaper" folder? The options are limitless.
brometheus, Jan 30 2012

Opera http://help.opera.c...6/en/downloads.html
does simple file extension distribution [FlyingToaster, Jan 31 2012]

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       Windows should build a profile of my file types and 'know' where my default preferences lie as to where I put what.
RayfordSteele, Jan 31 2012


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