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Municipal Service Vehicle Switch Day

A day where all municipal services switch vehicles.
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Municipal services are currently one of the most boring things imaginable. Every day, every week, every year, the same people wake up, get in the same vehicles, and perform the exact same duties. I'm talking about the garbage man, the police officer, the fireman, etc.

This would be a day where each municipal service is assigned to the vehicle fleet of another service. This would not only keep things interesting, but would have some big benefits as well.

Imagine how quickly the mail could be delivered if the mailman could just flip on the police car sirens en mail delivery route!

The police could catch record numbers of traffic offenses when nobody expects to be pulled over by a harmless garbage truck. Meanwhile, the garbage men could clean your trash cans with the firehose on their firetrucks.

When a fire strikes, you'd be pretty much out of luck. But the firemen would head over in their mail truck to pick up your insurance claims almost instantly!

Amall, Oct 27 2008




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