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Musical Note Dial-Up

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Mobile phone buttons emit a tone when pressed, but what i propose is the opposite. The user emits a tone in order to dial up. Let loose an awsome rock lick to dial your best friend Pete. Pluck a soothing classical piece for your darling girlfriend Janette. Sing for your supper to contact the local chinese take-away.
Knut, May 22 2004

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       Baked, in the form of voice dialing. I can't help it if your voice isn't a lilting as mine.
phoenix, May 22 2004

       My Samsung has a piano feature. I've memorized the different music for the whole phone book. The mario tone is:


Its fun to try to find tunes :P
ghillie, May 22 2004

       On a touch tone phone, you can play the tone of the number you want to dial directly at the dial tone.
Not sure if this works with mobiles, but i had a wrist watch that could dial contacts using this very technology!
MikeOliver, May 22 2004

       When I used to work for Talking Pages (like Yellow Pages but on the phone) there was a guy who would often ring up and play tunes on his touch-tone phone. He never said a word, but he could play any tune you asked for. We called him Mr Beepy.
spacemoggy, May 23 2004


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