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Musical OS Background

Background music affected by user's interactivity with UI
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Dragging the mouse changes the music to legato. Paging up sends the music to higher tones, and down - to lower ones emphasizing the bass tones.

Typing text with the keyboard or keypad is translated into tempo changes. During long pauses the music will "go ambient", and while watching a youtube video will be silenced.

In version II, text to speech and talking videos with no music will have the option to talk in tune and in tone with the music, and the pro version allows you to choose what genre or actual piece you want to hear.

Version III has automatic mood detectors.

pashute, Apr 23 2018


       I think the main challenge in developing this feature will be the implementation of the "STOP" button.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 23 2018

pashute, Apr 24 2018

       Soon, Version III of everything will have mood detectors.   

       Version I: Hooray, it does something! (Example: the body on the slab begins to rise.)   

       Version II: Good, it does something useful. (Example: resolution of teething problems with the sourcing of brains, and some progress on braining problems with the sourcing of teeth.)   

       Version III: OK, what shall we give it next? Umm ... mood detectors! - because human crowd psychology should definitely be extended to inanimate objects.
pertinax, Apr 24 2018


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