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Musical fireworks

Fireworks that make music in the air
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Each firework has an internal mechanism that produces a musical note (with own volume, vibrato etc.) when fired up in the air. When coordinated, the fireworks produce a musical piece in the sky. The music and the visuals can be coordinated too, to make a visual song.
trung, Jun 07 2003


       Well baked in Spain. Soz.
git, Jun 07 2003

       "The music and the visuals can be coordinated too, to make a visual song."
I should think that would pretty much be a given.
phoenix, Jun 07 2003

       I hate those shrill little screamers, but something that will make a foghorn F three octaves below middle C should satisfy the cravings of the "e+++" pyromaniacs among us.
lurch, Jun 07 2003

       why not? think about it you could explot sheet music one to one, wad you figure 80 feet per second? sure if we had a CAR that could keep up. then all the notes could be fired in sequence and,, doppler shift would'ent matter, wait a minuite where were you standing, wips out his calulator thats impossible.   

       Think about it its like a pipe organ that expands like the universe.
supercheezynachos, Jun 07 2003

       If, like the screamers, this is a ground display, location wouldn't greatly matter. If it's an aerial, then location - and velocity - will matter a lot - but it's not impossible to make a pretty good estimate of where and when the firework will be producing the audio.   

       I'm putting my percussives in a tightly defined space above and behind the audience; melodic theme done legato at the front; backgrounders more to the sides. Yes, there's some limitations, but not anything like // thats impossible //.
lurch, Jun 07 2003

       Brings to mind the end scenes of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".   

       Make sure they're all tuned to a similar chord or perhaps a pentatonic scale, or you'll have a cacaphony on your hands. Preferably C major... this is how slot machines at casinos work.
waugsqueke, Jun 07 2003


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