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Artificial musicians on your computer.
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This is for a sort of music program that will literally play along with you. You just sit down with your drums or guitar or whatever that makes noise and get ready to play. The screen shows a room full of people with insturments getting ready just like you!

The better you play the easier it will pick up on what you are doing. That is, you should try and do something. You can scream at it and it may react, but it probably will not turn your scream into Mozart.


C'mon guys, let's play music/jam/boogie/get down/rock out/thrash/go ballistic/f some s up/hit it:anyone wanna play music/jam/boogie/get down/rock out/thrash/go ballistic/f some s up/hit it?-plays current time signature and tempo with a vast access of beats.

Gimme some:How bout'/bout it'/is it dat:Feelin' some/you/it:Where are you:Show/Give/Lovin' me (summa) dat:hello:let's go:INSTURMENT # times-adds a number of given insturments to the song.

That was good/not this time:<name>-stops the beat.

The programming behind this is based off a feedback loop of your insturment's input, and a simulation(s) of the same insturment that you would be playing in the current preset music mode. You're insturment's notes are rendered and mapped against their's. All differences are recorded in frequency and amplitude. Changes are made randomly to the music mode, and ones that recieve higher coorelations with your playing are kept and used more frequently.

It may take some time for the program to learn your style, but that's the fun part!

daseva, Mar 28 2007




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