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My First Scrabble Set

Teach your pre-school progeny the "wopes"
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A Scrabble set created in vibrant colours, which is also chunky and wipe clean.

Though the most important difference is that the frequency of letters has been tweaked to better flatter a toddler's vocabulary.

Plenty of vowels then, a few hard consonants for those raspberry noises and about a dozen 'Q's in case you take them to see the "Quack-quacks".

Spidergoat, Jun 14 2001


       I would agree with PeterSealy completely; I too have struggled to get anyone to play, I think the game is regarded, wrongly I might add, as a very nerdy, non-fun pursuit.   

       It is a very tongue in cheek idea; I saw it appealing to the same sector that give their toddlers "brain food" and read them Haiku instead of nursery rhymes.
Spidergoat, Jun 14 2001

       I like this idea. I've been looking for months for creative ways to teach the pre-K kid in my life to read, before she starts school in the fall. She loves to write her family members' names, and she can recognize words based on the position of letters in them: she knows 'love', and 'dog', and 'happy', among others. She's almost there.   

       Thing is, this is not a child who likes to be read to. She prefers to play board games, and she loves to win. A kind of kiddie Scrabble would combine that competitive streak with word-building skills, and soon enough we'd have a reader on our hands.   

       I give it a big thumbs up ... especially the idea of spelling out "raspberry noises" in consonants. To you naysaysers: nyah nyah, thbbsthppppp!
1percent, Jun 15 2001

       Make the letters too big to swallow and keep number of letters down to 12. Then I can play.
melanerpes, Jun 15 2001


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