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Glow in the dark Scrabble

portable, and now useful at night
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Imagine the scene, you're bored, and you've been on this flight for way too many hours.

Your rowmate suggests a game of Scrabble, but, much as you'd like to, you really don't want to wake up the kid in front of your again by turning on the light.

Pah! a thing of the past, Glow in the dark Scrabble means you can play it all night long, in the dodgiest of light conditions.

neilp, May 30 2006

(?) Alternative http://gallery.bcen...le-Extra-Tiles.aspx
Could get interesting if played with the right person. [jutta, May 30 2006]


       The biggest difficulty I can see would be 'charging up' phosphorescent tiles. If you didn't mind plugging in the set, though, you could use a blacklight board and fluorescent tiles.
supercat, May 30 2006

       A single flash from a camera would keep the letters charged for a good amount of time, and given the abundance of compact digital cameras, it won't be hard to get hold of one.
fridge duck, May 30 2006

       \\you really don't want to wake up the kid in front of your again\\ The solution clearly is not to put kids in front of your again.   

       Interesting idea [fridge duck], but are you actually allowed cameras on planes these days?
hidden truths, May 30 2006

       evil, I love it.   

       <clips kid on ear for the fun of it>
po, May 30 2006

       I'm not letting the blind guy pick his own tiles out of the bag!   

       If waking up the other guy is your issue, you could shine the light on the tiles while they're still in the bag, but that doesn't help much once you've started playing I guess.   

       I'm voting with the blacklight board, but I'm leaning towards battery power.   

       A laptop would be better here provided you have a power source.
kevinthenerd, May 31 2006

       There is no mention of how the glow-in-the dark effect would be attained, but most glow-in-the dark materials are phosphorescent plastics whose illumination wouldn't last through a game of scrabble without recharging for very long periods of time. After a while even glow-in-the gark materials lose their illumination power. Battery powered or backlighted would be suitable alternative, but we all know the real solution here; night vision goggles. Better yet, jumbo transparent plastic Scrabble squares with three fireflies trapped within each.
jellydoughnut, Jun 03 2006


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