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My Music Channel

Choose exactly which tracks appear on your music channel
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What about a box (yes another, sorry) that plugs into your tv and also your broadband connection (wired or wireless). On it's internal hard drive would be many music videos which would be updated over the connection. You could choose from predefined playlists (Christmas, Classics, Top 40 etc) or create you own. Depending on licenses, the system could be updated to store movies.
alistairwest, Dec 28 2004

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       This is more of a Tivo service than a channel, but yeah, I'd like to be able to define what I get from MTV. (Anything to filter out the stupid reality shows!)
DrCurry, Dec 28 2004

       This is called video podcasting.
jutta, Feb 25 2006

       http://www.pandora.com/ kinda already does this. They're awesome. And it's nice because they try to figure out what you'll like and play it for you.
PatTheGreat, Feb 26 2006


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