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Mycroft Society

Serve the public good, stroke the egos of the smart, rent swanky Manhattan digs.
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What would you make of a sports car club in which no-one ever turned the key and drove? So Mensa: although the members exceed at test taking, could one not apply this gathered intelligence for the public good, or at least claim to do so? Thus: the Mycroft Society. Mycroft Holmes could easily solve problems based on the facts given him by his more active but less intelligent younger brother. The Mycroft Society would have long SAT-like tests (a page from the Mensa book) and would charge for test results. Successful applicants to the society would pay dues. In exchange they would be formed into cells and solve societal and other problems brought to them by humble supplicants.

But where would these problems come from? Some people unable to solve their problems do not recognize that intellectual deficiency is the reason. The Mycroft Society administration may opt to recruit supplicants to bring a given problem and provide some grist for the mill. Cells of far-flung Mycroftans would then confer by web or in person, as distance or physical impediment might dictate. Solutions devised would be trumpeted on the web site and via mass media. Dues would be used in part to ensure enthusiastic media coverage for solved problems, the adoption of solutions, and also head wagging tut-tutting for intransigient persons unwilling to adopt solutions handed to them on a Mycroft-engraved platter, gratis. We do want the platter back, though.

Many persons of high IQ are not optimally positioned to leverage their gift in the service of humankind - an example is Mycroft himself, who was disclined to do fieldwork. Press coverage as well as some degree of irritation by the general public would ensure that the Mycroft Society receives a steady stream of qualified applicants willing to devote time, brainpower and dues, dues, dues to improving the lot of humankind (plus they get a tasteful Mycroft Society Membership badge!) The badge looks somewhat like Obama's head in the Hope poster, except heavier, and there is a tear being shed like the Native American in the ads from the 1970s weeping over the littered plight of his land.

As an organization dedicated to public betterment, the Mycroft Society is tax exempt. Society headquarters would be located in the American Radiator Building in NYC - like the Mycroftians themselves, exquisite and underappreciated. The administrator of the society would be rakishly debonair and lead a lavish lifestyle. In this role, I would appear from time to time making public relations pronouncements or receiving gratitude from those whom the society has helped. Occasionally the latter might receive some non-publicized consideration from the society in return for their flashy adoption of a solution.

bungston, Apr 01 2009

Mensa Squared Mensa_20Squared
A little piece of this. [bungston, Apr 01 2009]

American Radiator Building http://en.wikipedia...n_Radiator_Building
Oh yes. [bungston, Apr 01 2009]

Mycroft Holmes http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Mycroft_Holmes
Picture is of a lean Mycroft after a long battle with the gout. [bungston, Apr 01 2009]

The Crying Indian Commercial http://www.youtube....watch?v=m4ozVMxzNAA
The Mycroftians weep a similar tear when stubborness prevents the adoption of sensible solutions, devised gratis by the Mycroftians. [bungston, Apr 01 2009]

American Radiator Building, again http://www.myfourth..._P090353gRGBORF.jpg
The society is right up at the top. [bungston, Apr 01 2009]


       I think the halfbakers should get in at the basement with this society, as we have a lot of problems that they could help solve.
eight_nine_tortoise, Apr 01 2009

       Isn't this just a description of the 'bakery? Especially the bit about being 'rakishly debonair' and leading 'a lavish lifestyle'?
DrBob, Apr 01 2009

       Yeah, sounds like the hb + dues.
phoenix, Apr 01 2009

       You seem to think the use of intelligence is equal to //public betterment\\. Marked for deletion, bad science.   

       One of the nicest ideas I've read here in a long time. Possibly the stupidest idea of all time.
zeno, Apr 02 2009

       Zeno, zeno, zeno. Zeno! Bad science? Was there science in here? Picture me crying a single tear like in that linked commercial, but because of your marked-for-deletion.   

       Many intelligent people might be flattered or otherwise induced to think that they might use their intelligence for the public betterment. It is plausible that they might. I want them to pay to do it, with the funds used to pay rent on swanky digs in the American Radiator Building. The public betterment may or may not occur, but can be claimed to be occurring, and if it does, that is very nice and helps substantiate the claims. And you never know - it might occur. Someone has to make public betterment happen.
bungston, Apr 02 2009

       kind of posh if you ask me but I'm just here to actually reciprocate rather than sponge; Its Giraffe walking time   

       There is a mycroft at youtube Not even one video titled "genocide condiments" thus nudging towards possible social benefit   

       This is a similar idea only I thought of having the government of Norway pay for Iceland to host it   

       basically I thought Norway should provide funds to the New Icelandic branch of the European Patent Office so that people anywhere on earth could get a complimentary european patent at the Icelandic office   

       The scandinavian countries would get a year of first rights to the ideas People everywhere could have their go at making society more wonderful.   

       further based on the fact that MIT as well as perhaps UW Seattle's tech transfer offices are funded from royalties it might possibly be lucrative   

       The benefit to Iceland is the rapid formation of numerous companies to employ people   

       The benefit to Norway is that it builds the scandinavian group economy beyond petroleum plus they could rotate the complimentary patent country   

       Its global mycrofts   

       freakishly answerbag.com has zero queries about mycroft
beanangel, May 26 2009


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