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Mystic Menu

Dial up phone service
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Don't know what cards fate holds - for lunch?

Call Mystic Menu where our culinary clairvoyants will gaze into your food future!

"I see a bagel .. no wait. .. the crystal is getting clearer. . .yes that's it ... its a croissant!"

Calls charged at $3.20 per minute.

benfrost, Jun 20 2001

'For each month... a different MYSTIC menu ' http://www.mystic.f...appat/conseils.html
'No fish can resist it' [angel, Jun 20 2001]


       Once someone's lunch has predicted the mystic could arrange for it be delivered. Fortunately you would not need to tell the mystic the delivery address ...
Aristotle, Jun 20 2001

       Baloney ?
lubbit, Jun 20 2001

       I have one question-why?
tigerwren, Aug 13 2001


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