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Mythbusters Busters

Because they are a myth now
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A TV program refuting selected demonstrations of the popular series. Moon landing hoax, coke and mentos, urban legends, and all the episodes involving blasts to achieve desired results needs to be reviewed. The Mythbusters Busters will proof the Mythbusters claims for a definitive statement.
piluso, Nov 26 2012


       Adam and Jamie always do a somewhat good job for a TV show. After seeing some recent myths by the "build team" though I would like to see some mythbuster busting.
DIYMatt, Nov 26 2012

       Well, it was inevitable that they'd run out of legitimate urban myths sooner or later. I haven't seen the show in about a year, but it seemed like they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel last time I caught a new episode.
Alterother, Nov 26 2012

       Ironically the more they outsource their sciency stuff to "experts" the worse it gets. Digital accelerometers have done the Mythbusters no favors when Shockwatches were working just fine.
DIYMatt, Nov 27 2012

       Also ironically, the more they claim to be doing science, the more obvious that they aren't.
spidermother, Dec 10 2012

       I have the distinct impression the Mythbusters ignore scientific facts for the sake of the show. If you want to see an episode of Mythbuster busting just watch me and my family on my couch Mondays 6- 7 Central
Brian the Painter, Dec 10 2012


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