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NFL vs BCS exhibition games

What's not to like when it's Miami vs. Miami?
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In many sports, there are exhibition games between teams of different leagues or organisations, and often times, these two teams are of a greatly differing level/caliber of play. Examples are MLB teams who play an exhibition vs. their AAA, AA or even Single-A farm teams; Colleges have varsity vs. alumni games; In the States, Men's Major League Soccer teams have played exhibitions against the US Olympic and/or World Cup teams.

Why couldn't they do the same in football? I think it would be just awesome to see one or more of the higher-ranked college teams each year play a pro team that is preferably from the same area as the college: The Hurricanes vs. the Dolphins, like the example given in the description, comes to mind.

It wouldn't have to be a hard-nosed game; It'd be more along the lines of the NFL Pro Bowl, which, compared to a regular season game, is pretty relaxed.

Obviously, you wouldn't expect the college teams to win very often, if at all, but that goes for any of these sorts of things. On the other hand, I think it'd do some good all around... it'd give these college kids a chance to see what it's like playing against pro linebackers, etc. Furthermore, this would be a huge moneymaker, I'd think, and an easy way to fund local charities.

cswiii, Sep 16 2002


       This should be in Other: Sport: American Football
[ sctld ], Sep 16 2002

       (after several wrong starts..) you mean Public: Sport: American football...
yamahito, Sep 16 2002

       As the UK folk have alluded, csw3, you should note that football means an entirely other thing in the rest of the world than it does in the US. You should also note that there are a great many bakers here from the rest of the world.
waugsqueke, Sep 16 2002

       Looked several times for references to football, didn't seem them. Must have been before I had my coffee.   

       [waugsqueke] True enough. - and I am plenty aware of this. In fact, this is specifically why I titled it as such, as opposed to "Pro vs. College Football". That ought be enough to distinguish it from anything else. It would be quite superfluous to make other clarifications.   

       At this rate, if I suggested "dachshund sausages", I'd sooner get my head bitten off for not calling them "bangers" than I would for suggesting canine consumption.   

       In this situation, the line between using one's native vernacular and any perceived concept of American centrism is quite clear, in my opinion.
cswiii, Sep 16 2002

       Now I'm torn between giving you a pro croissant or a frat-boy shrug of indifference, seeing as how I like the idea, but I couldn't care two whits about sports in general. The referrees are saying go for the laced, inflated pastry, seeing as how the topic so very, very quickly degenerated into something about "dog bangers".
absterge, Oct 17 2002

       //many great bakers here from the rest of the world// oh yes.
po, Oct 17 2002

       How about pro teams of one sport playing pro teams of another sport at a completely different sport. Like basketball players vs rugby players at volleyball.
lazloquezos, Oct 18 2002

       This is not a good idea. Any NFL team, no matter how bad, would shut out any college team, no matter how good, every time. Basically because NFL players are the best of the best of the best college players, with X years of additional experience, not to mention body mass and all that. Anyways, these games would be one-sided, boring, and extremely likely to cause horrible injuries to college kids who haven't even had an opportunity to make any money yet.   

       Now, a team made up of all the just-drafted rookies against the team which had the #1 pick (the worst team in the league the previous year), that would be more interesting.
cocktaillouie, Mar 12 2004


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