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Nanotech Flints

Improve your flintknapping success.
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Flint nodules that have been modified by MEMS to more easily facet along useful lines. A nodule could be processed to more easily produce a Clovis point. Others could produce a Grant Cave, or Decatur point. Why spend years learning how to properly flake a spearhead when you can buy one practically ready made! Supply your own knapping mat and antler pressure knapper. A few hours effort and you can bring down your first big game.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 23 2007

MEMS http://www.memsnet.org/mems/what-is.html
[normzone, Jun 23 2007]

Wikipedia MEMS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MEMS
[normzone, Jun 23 2007]


       How could MEMS do this? Can they induce stress lines in flint?
wagster, Jun 23 2007

       Sigh. Poor form to drop a tech term like that with no link (see link).   

       And the point is the least of the challenge in bringing down the game (spoken by a guy who only spears fish).   

       And be certain to pick up after yourself. I found a site where somebody had been chipping obsidian. May as well leave shattered glass laying around.
normzone, Jun 23 2007


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