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National Guard Port Security

After all, what does "National Guard" mean?
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When not fighting foreign wars or cleaning up natural disasters, how does the average National Guardsman spend his time? Working some random job, that's how! How does that guard the nation? There is a plan to get more guarding out of these folks by deploying them to the border to watch for illegal immigrants, but this only partly addresses the problem.

I propose that the National Guard be charged with guarding our ports. Study after study, including the 9/11 commission have found that the US is vulnerable at its many ports, which is essence are like little borders with other countries. A contingent of National Guardsmen at each port could considerably improve the security situation. If effective, and especially if Guardsmen start coming home from Iraq in coming months, this task could be broadened to include airport security as well.

bungston, Jun 27 2006

Ports Insecure! http://news.yahoo.c...619/ts_csm/aready_1
[bungston, Jun 27 2006]

National Guard to the Borders! http://www.signonsa...sa-immigration.html
[bungston, Jun 27 2006]


       Who are you and what have you done with [bungston]?
methinksnot, Jun 27 2006

       no. please no. airports are bad enough already. don't mess with ports. someone who really wants to attack this country could with or without heavily armed soldiers wandering around in our ports. less government muddling things up is what's needed. all of these things like the patriot act are just ways for the government to uphold standards of decency that they set because they feel that people aren't capable of thinking for themselves. so i vote nay on this. nay!
tcarson, Jun 27 2006

       I am on a sabbatical to get fired up about political matters. I will be back desgining Fake Rubber Asses before you know it.
bungston, Jun 28 2006

       It's not the rubber ass I'll miss, it's the duckling ammo.
methinksnot, Jun 28 2006

       It really is hard to miss that rubber ass.
bungston, Jun 28 2006

       it's bray is rather grating though.
tcarson, Jun 28 2006

       i would just brick it up completely. firewall and all that.
tcarson, Jun 28 2006

       It is not a manpower problem so much as a procedures problem. Those big containers are packed up somewhere in the middle of China and may not be opened again until they pull up to the back of your local Mal*Wart. Having a bunch of dentists and mechanics in military uniforms watching those containers being moved from a ship to a truck is not going to make much difference.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 28 2006

       Already have someone.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 29 2006

       still, bad idea to put troops in ports. even or especially if they're national guard. keep these guys out of places where they won't really be able to help.
tcarson, Jun 29 2006

       With much interest I clicked this link, ready for some snarky comments.   

       Then I realized it did not say National Guard Pot Dispensary.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 10 2011


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