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Necktie Clocks for Televised Interviews

Media watchdog: detect temporal distortions in TV interviews
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Prerecorded television interviews can be easily edited. Even shows that have the giant word LIVE in the top corner, can be on a 3-hour delay, so these too can be edited. Some television shows carefully rearrange taped comments to defame politicians or to make people look like utter morons. I have observed cases where the clumbsy studio editors spliced in the exact same response clips to different question clips. I would imagine that in some countries programs probably use this editing to effectively censor parts of interviews.

To help bring this problem to the attention of the general public, interviewees could wear a necktie clock. This is just a 3-hand, analogue clock that one can clip onto one's tie or shirt, directly beneath the chin, to wear during interviews.

spiraliii, Mar 05 2007

TV-news editor jamming TV-news_20editor_20jamming
This is almost exactly the same thing. [theleopard, Mar 05 2007]

Flavour Flav http://images.googl...&btnG=Search+Images
Necktie clocks. [theleopard, May 22 2007]


       Ha! That would piss off the editor / producer / network / everyone involved. [+]
wagster, Mar 05 2007

       Good idea, but already on the bakery. (linky)
theleopard, Mar 05 2007

       It wouldn't stop the sneaky thing I saw on 60 mins the other day (I'm in the middle east so it might have been from last year).   

       The segment was about General Motors and went something like this: Interviewer: "Blah blah question?" GM bloke: "Blah blah answer blah blah" Interviewer: "So [Clever industry Jargon words]" GM bloke: "[Clever industry Jargon words]"   

       It was obvious to me from the tones of voice that the GM bloke had used the Jargon first and the interviewer had just repeated it, the edit made him look clever.
marklar, Mar 05 2007

GutPunchLullabies, Mar 05 2007

       As an alternative, all interviewees should be asked to build a large 3d puzzle while the interview is conducted.   

       Everyone can benefit from a good puzzle, from Obama to Dwayne Johnson. [+]
Night, Mar 06 2007

       Extra bun for Night's suggestion! I'm picturing many famous personalities being totally distracted or stumped by said 3D puzzle. Maybe they would have to be graded according to the ability of the interviewee
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 06 2007

       While I like the image, actually solving a non-trivial 3D puzzle would be a surefire way of gaining admiration of about 0.5% of the viewers - and hatred and derision from the other 99.5%. Next on the Halfbakery political training program: "Live Long and Prosper: Which Fingers Go Where?"   

       The special "Wexler insurance" model of the clock makes the hands jump for- and backwards randomly entirely without cuts, enabling you to use that as a defense even if you really *did* let yourself get goaded into completing the sentence "I like cocaine because ..."
jutta, Mar 06 2007

       This would be difficult to do if the interviewee was in silhouette to ensure anonymity. I suppose it would be OK if their gloved hands were shown.
nineteenthly, Mar 06 2007

       Who cares if something you say anonymously is (not) attributed to you?
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 06 2007

       Could this have anything to do with why old school rappers used to wear clocks on chains around their necks? Perhaps establishing alibis or something?
jhomrighaus, Mar 06 2007

       //Who cares if something you say anonymously is (not) attributed to you?//   

       You might be anonymous on TV because you don't want certain people to know who you are but others to be aware, whom you would tell. Also, if you represented some kind of group, ethnic, national, political or whatever, you might not want the media distorting what you say to misrepresent that group.
nineteenthly, Mar 07 2007

       That's an excellent point. But I say members of that group are a paranoid, antisocial lot who are ashamed of themselves, and rightly so.
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 07 2007

       //That's an excellent point. But I say members of that group are a paranoid, antisocial lot who are ashamed of themselves, and rightly so.// - [GPL]   

       // //That's an excellent point. I are paranoid, antisocial are ashamed, and rightly so.// // - bigsleep   

       Hey, bigsleep, when you replayed that interview with [GPL], some of those jigsaw pieces seemed to just pop into place...   

       WAIT! Have you been misquoting GPL?!!!!!
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 07 2007

       Well (12:27:23) played, (12:27:24) sir. (12:27:25)
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 07 2007

       I'm sure it took more than a second to insert each of those times, [GPL]. Shouldn't it be more like "Well(12:27:2(12:27:2...", rather than what you typed? It also suggests which time zone you live in, because over here it's 18:43.
nineteenthly, Mar 07 2007

       [nineteenthly] over here we don't know how to tell time past 12:59.
pigtails_and_ponies, Mar 08 2007

       Maybe I'm a fast typing briton with a miscalibrated grandfather clock ticking away in the corner at .2 seconds per second. Spot of tea? I believe it's nearly time for a crumpet and a cuppa, wot? Only 13:42 and I'm really rather peckish.
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 08 2007

       //Next on the Halfbakery political training program: "Live Long and Prosper: Which Fingers Go Where?"//   

       "Ah yes my daughter showed me, Is it like this?" "No Mr Bush, that's The Shocker"
marklar, Mar 11 2007

       Nice concept, but Michael Moore has demonstrated that many audiences will ignore even the most blatant evidence of editing (e.g. the design of the curtain behind the speaker changes!)
supercat, May 23 2007


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