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Not so peaceful peaceful protest

Fightclub style
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Peaceful protest is the best and possibly the most effective but not very impressive for fox news to use.

Violent protest and war are bad but actually promoted by fox news and the likes.

So here is the silly middle ground:

Protesters go someplace and beat themselves up. Rupert is happy and nobody else gets hurt.

Or jackass style.

zeno, Sep 06 2011

inspired by this idea, the anno's and links BMA_20balanced_20news
[zeno, Sep 06 2011]


       //jackass style//
Vancouver lost the Cup and the "fans" rioted and vandalised the streets of their own city.

       One wonders: had they won would there have been a spontaneous redecorating frenzy ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 06 2011

       //beat themselves up//   

       Fine, if they want to run the risk of prosecution for "impersonating a police officer".
8th of 7, Sep 06 2011

       bigsleep from that list only self-immolation is commonly done in public as part of a wider protest. And it's kind of extreme. I think a 2000 man fist-fight would make the news every time...   

       sp: peaceful
Voice, Sep 06 2011

       Extra l deleted, thanks.
zeno, Sep 06 2011

       I thought you were in Europse, zeno. You get Fox news there?   

       My observation for Fox news: the only thing more interesting than violence is prurience, especially finger waving tut-tutting prurience. Thus rather than beating each other, protestors should wear explicit and indecent costumes and engage in technically demanding lewd acts and body modifications that cannot be shown on TV but can be described mutliple times by horrified correspondents.   

       The problem is that this requires a dedicated corps (so to speak) of protestors - the easy thing about violence is that it is not hard to find marginally committed persons who are ready to smash things.
bungston, Sep 08 2011

       Yes that's an even better way to go [bungston]. We don't get fox news here but I'm very interested in american culture, internet yes.   

       I fixed the spelling error but it didn't take so I'll try again.
zeno, Sep 08 2011

       There that's better.
zeno, Sep 08 2011


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