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Nervous passenger fake brake-pedal seatbelt tensioner

(from "Back-seat driver auto-patronising device")
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A passenger-side brake pedal connected to the passenger-side seatbelt tensioner. Then, when the nervous passenger presses the brake pedal the seatbelt will tighten slightly, providing an added feeling of security.

[Inspired by [Minimal]'s sister (not [wagster]'s sister - sorry about that) and [elhigh]'s flattery]
hippo, Jul 21 2005

slowing down on the curves [hob, May 16 2009, last modified May 17 2009]

So nearly baked... http://www.bbc.co.u...s/business-13446522
...but in a dangerous, life-threatening, French way. [hippo, May 19 2011]


       <comicbook fume>It was my sister that inspired this idea!!! </comicbook fume> and it's a great one....[+] Them's the brakes!
Minimal, Jul 21 2005

       This is awesome. The offending backseat driver will surely die of hypoxia after mashing the fake pedal in a fit of fear and loathing.
Blumster, Jul 21 2005

       [+] for follow-up. "tighten slightly," hell, I want the damn thing to cinch down like a taxman!
elhigh, Jul 21 2005

       Perhaps the fake brake could tighten the driver's belt instead.
ldischler, Jul 21 2005

       my goodness (the last para), this is like an awards ceremony! please acknowledge your fame is due in part to the latter part of your name :)
po, Jul 21 2005

       how about the "Nervous passenger fake brake-pedal seatbelt tensioner, gag and blow to the head?" until then, have a bun.
ato_de, Jul 22 2005


       This gets so many +'s, I can't begin to count em. (However, I know someone who can).
blissmiss, Jul 22 2005

       I had the same idea as ato_de, one of those cartoon style spring loaded boxing gloves in the glove compartment.
doctorremulac3, Jul 24 2005

       "Then, when the nervous passenger presses the brake pedal the seatbelt will tighten, effectively severing him/her in half and ensuring calmness."
Zus, Sep 17 2006

       Oh, bun bun bun. Although I would install a secondary device that deploys a "shear-thickening-custard-bag" (as opposed to a boring old airbag) from the dash. Because we've all been through the transition from "Weeeeee. hahahaha" to "I'm a little scared right now" to "oh sh^t he's done it now, this is going to hurt... bad".   

       bun for introducing the illusion of having some control of the situation.
Custardguts, Sep 17 2006

       + hehe, I haven't seen this one before! (I use mine all the time!)
xandram, Mar 19 2008

       Thanks [hob] - your illustration made me think that in fact maybe the seatbelt itself should be connected, via a pulley, to the fake brake pedal so that the brake pedal pressure and the seatbelt tightening were directly linked...
hippo, May 17 2009

       For severe "passenger" braking, an airbag should deploy with enormous force ... from the head restraint.
8th of 7, May 19 2011


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