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Net-wide racetrack memory

Use the internet for storage
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After reading about research into racetrack memory on slashdot today, where you are using a delay line and pulses, and a repeater as memory.. I started thinking about ping times on the internet.

Each pulse of communications takes a certain amount of time. I suppose you could encode a single packet of "memory" and send it like a PING to another server.. but this server just relays it to another server, and so on. No one ever stored the packet, just forwarding it on to the most remote system possible.

Dropped packets would kill the memory, but well .. its just a halfbaked idea anyway.

bigattichouse, May 16 2007


       I seem to recall one of the first posts on that thread being something along the lines of "I don't use memory, I just ping foreign servers alot". This sounds similar.   

       That post, of course, was meant as a joke. While it might actually work, latency would be a killer.
Freefall, May 16 2007


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