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Nev-R-Lost flooring

Building directions for those who are too "half baked" to read a map
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you have an interview at the famed (insert large building here). You are cutting it close, but it's okay you have 5 minutes to find your future bosses office. The receptionist tells you to take the second right, then two lefts and it's the third doorway on the right.

halfway through you get mixed up, turned around, lost! The numbers, they make no sense? what is a mezzanine level? how come room 202-B is next to room 201? WHERE IS ROOM 202A??? after frantic running around. you can't find the office, your doomed. Back to your life as a hamburger flipper.

Let the proud people at Nev-R-Lost ltd help you. At normal "you are here signs" there is a button or keypad corresponding to room numbers and common destinations (similar to the buzzers at apartment complexes). Punch in the room number.

now the magic begins

patent pending illumination strips (i.e the ones used for emergency lighting in air planes or movie theaters) light up on the perimeter of the hallway. at a slow walking pace it will guide you to the right room.

great for outings in foreign countries? Just arrived at Shin-Osaka in japan? "ano... toilyeh..uhh... des ka?" have no fear hit the bathroom button and a convenient light will guide you to your destinations. Great for any building with miles of corridors. Or the first day of school with glaze-eyed nubians. The upper-classmen won't even know it's your first day! hotels will usher you to your own room. It's like the color coded lines sometimes found in large buildings but more versatile.

earth quake or fire? the red light bar will quickly and safely guide you to the closest exit, and double as emergency lighting.

metarinka, Feb 10 2010


       The first two, definitely, but already on the HB? not sure. And the "Emergency Exit" I don't think I've seen before... [+]
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2010

       the emergency exit portion is probably the most viable idea. it actually wouldn't be too hard to program those light bars on planes and such to automatically scroll towards the closest emergency exit.
metarinka, Feb 10 2010


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