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New American Standards

A universal-grammar-platform to support mass shootings and presidential campaigns
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Another 3 mass shooting day, interspersed with blurbs from Hilliary Clinton and Donald Trump. It's like a conversation where no one is speaking the same language.

Please pass the butter.

Ratatatatatat -- BOOM!

We might as well make the best of it and extract from this process, which is conveniently recorded in text on the web, a universal grammar to encompass the language created by at one end of the spectrum suicide bombers and at the other end of the spectrum political campaign info-tainment.

Starting with a September 2016 surprise campaign of Paul Ryan, followed quickly by his election and assumption of the pesky responsibility of actually running the daily grind of the country, the Donald Trump campaign and reality TV empire can now be freed to start preparing for the 2020 election by starting with a 3 way debate between Kanye West, Justin Beiber and Malala Yousafzai.

Dedicate Wikipedia's language team to creating an underlying grammar that can include this conversation as well as the ensuing 4 years of reality TV, as well as the increasingly everyday and high profile suicide bombings and mass shootings based on the headlines they create in the world wide media.

The result will be an identity-free, non-binary, universal grammar.

JesusHChrist, Dec 03 2015


       America wsa founded on the conflict between paranoia and trust. Social bond like getting married, and not being able to trust your wife with what you told her. Union and confederate is about states, but it is also about social regims that are different. America is being destroyed by mass shooters because confederates have undermined individual power institutionally and an individual vs mass reaction is occuring. Confederate pertains to a lot of conditions that have been argued to and dismissed as nonsense! Paranoia is not just a symptom of illness its actually a condition related to an individual trying to have power against a group of people. That's only the beginning, it involves fascist power, meaning strength in unity, predestination, that relates to anti-irony, and many others concepts that people who are against liberty in favor of fraternity and winning over equality and democrat over individual decisions etc. The psychological complex of america is affected by a social order that is literal and symbolic as well as gamified inside political and group identity categorizations. Mass shooting can be stopped in america if the struggle of PARANOIA is accepted as American. One of the most significant confederate victories took place in the cold war period regarding commies.
guncandy, Dec 03 2015

       There's supposed to be an "e" in regims.
normzone, Dec 03 2015

       How do you know that says regimes? And if you do, why does it matter?
guncandy, Dec 03 2015

       I'm sorry, I have no funny words for asinine times like these.
RayfordSteele, Dec 03 2015


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