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New Calendar 2

4 quarters, 12 months, 60 weeks
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You have 360 days: 90 per quarter. Now I'm not sure if they should start at the beginning of equinoxes/solstices or between them, but for now let's say they start with them.

Each quarter has 3 months. Each month has 5-6 day weeks. With a 2 day weekend, you have a greater proportion of the week for the weekend. Also it make's shift work easier: team A does days 1, 2, 3, & 4; B does 3, 4, 5, & 6; C does 5, 6, 1, & 2.

Now the offices and factories need never close.

Each quarter begins or ends with a "season" day. You have "Winter Day," "Spring Day," "Summer Day," and "Autumn Day." This tallies it up to 364 days.

The year ends with a "Year Day."

In leap years, you have a "Leap Day."

As for names, use numbers instead. Maybe foreign translations. If one can use Latin and Greek in metrics maybe one could use Latin for days and Greek for months--or the otherway around--discuss amongst yourselves.

Perhaps in time we could have an evolution of names. If the Romans used dieties and emperors, we might use celebrities--discuss amongst yourselves.

Great Satan, Jun 06 2003


       Great Satan, one must be VERY careful of mentioning 'office never need close'. I had an idea of this once but feared discussing it with anyone. I wanted to go to 4 shifts of 6 hours.
Shit!, now you've gone and made me say it. The Owners of Capital will now catch on and pretend to acquiscent to this and change the rules when self convenient.
I don't want 12 hours 5 days a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee -sorry my left arm just went numb.
Zimmy, Jun 07 2003

       If you would like to swap for six and sometimes seven, let me know.   

       Roger Bacon is rolling in his grave.
ato_de, Jun 07 2003

       There are, as my mother would say, humpteen seventy-ten calendar reform associations and groups out there, and ten times as many reformed calendar ideas, none of which will ever make any progress. Calendar reform is one of those ideas that is simultaneously very sensible and will never, ever make any headway. Think of the Y2K issue and you will see why.   

       I have some experience with the bakery on this topic. I once posted an idea for a 13 month calendar - which turned out to be very close to the World calendar idea - do a search. Almost certainly, you will discover any calendar reformat you come up with has been already done. They've had hundreds of years to think about it.   

       Not new, not novel, never happen.   

       I once had another idea, never posted here, to lengthen the second by .26 seconds (I had it calculated out much further than that at one time). Make a second take 1.26 current seconds to pass, thereby lengthening the hour and day by that much. The intent was to eliminate leap years by making 365 Earth orbits exactly coincide with one solar orbit. The problem with it, though, is it offsets the day by about 6 hours a year, as the leap day essentially gets absorbed into the four year period. After two years on this system, day and night are reversed, but it fixes itself every four years. I could live with it, but I can understand people having issues with that.   

       Besides, I'm sure it's been covered somewhere.
waugsqueke, Jun 07 2003

       I was thinking instead of a Season Day and Leap Day, etc. periodically, the year could end with 5 days in a row of pure, unabashed celebration. Like "Senior Week" in college. Then back to work on January 2nd with a healthy attitude.
phundug, Jun 08 2003


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