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New Type of Billiards Game: "3-Ball"

Every ball's the cue in "3-Ball"
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It's a simple, yet fun twist on the traditional game of pool, 8-ball. Except in this game, the object ball is the three. SET-UP: The balls are racked just as they would be normally; but, instead of putting the rack at the foot spot, the rack is directly in the middle of the table. And, in 3-Ball, you can break from any place you want on the table. GAME-PLAY: 3-Ball is a fast paced game; really fast paced. There are no turns in 3-Ball. After one person breaks, the race is on--who can sink the 3 ball first? Any other ball may be used as a cue ball. Each person franticly tries to sink the 3, not waiting for the other player to finish shooting. Balls will be rolling all over the place at once, so a third person will have to watch in case of confusion as to who sank the 3. WINNING THE GAME: Once the 3-Ball is sunk, both players stop shooting. But the game is not over. The player who did not sink the 3 still has a chance to win the game: all he has to do is sink the ball the other player used as a cue to sink the 3. If the second player can sink the first player's cue on this next shot, he wins. If he doesn't, player one wins. It makes for a quick game of billiards, and you'll have fun playing it.
Cam1234, Jan 10 2007

Billiards - JUST 3 balls. http://www.mastersg...s-snooker-rules.htm
[po, Jan 10 2007]

I do think you should change the name because three ball is already a popular pool billiards game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-ball
[zeno, Jan 11 2007]

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       You still get the point. Doesn't matter what happens after it's sunk; if you scratch on the 3, you lose.
Cam1234, Jan 13 2007

       New felt costs US $400, you and your drunk friends need to stay away from my pool table.
ato_de, Jan 13 2007

       Is pool table felt something special? I just covered my daughter's wooden train table with green felt for about $12.00, it's a little over a square yard.
nomocrow, Jan 15 2007

       Isn't this just the way 4 year olds play pool/snooker/billiards?   

       Oh, by the way, this idea doesn't make for *any* kind of game of billiards. Playing billiards does, though.
Murdoch, Jan 18 2007

       Jees, I thought it sounded pretty fun. Have a cracker with your fish, [cam].
bungston, Jan 19 2007

       I was reading this as I was visualizing what the sceanario would be. I would be lining up to take the shot while the other guy snuck up right behind me and used his cue to launch the exact same ball that I was going to launch. This would anger me and prompt me to take the heavier bottem end of my cue stick and whack him across his face a few times and then once he keels over I will proceed to whipping him across the back with the longer and narrower end of the stick. Then once he gains his composure he will retaliate by hurling the balls at my head and before you know it, a friendly game of "3-ball" turns into an ultimate fighting match.
Jscotty, Jan 19 2007


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