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New World Car Design Contest

An 'Automotive X-prize' for the countries that will determine our future
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In principle anyone can participate in the Automotive X-prize, aimed at awarding the team that builds an efficient car that sells [see link]. In practise, however, the contest will only draw in teams from the USA and Europe. Also, the rules for the contest are not very clear.

This idea is very simple and built around other motivations: an automotive design award for teams from the 'developing world'. Contrary to the X-prize, there rules are very clear:

1. the car must get 100 mpg

2. it must be a three person car (1 driver, 2 passengers)

3. most importantly, it cannot be 'technology neutral' as the X-prize is, but must instead work *entirely* on non-fossil fuels

3.1. either liquid biofuels such as ethanol, methanol, biodiesel or biobutanol.

3.2. or compressed biogas

3.3. or an electric car charged by solar or wind or any other renewable energy source

3.4. or any combination of the above

4. it must sell like hot dogs in the country of origin - and capture 5% market share after 3 years. This is a difficult requirement, because it means that not-so-wealthy people must be able to buy it. On the other hand, these people from the developing world do not need luxury so much, they want functionality and hyper-efficiency (which can be very luxurious qua design)

The last rule is crucial because it is aimed at supporting the nascent renewables industry in these developing countries. These countries have the capacity to 'leapfrog' using green technologies, because they are not burdened by old fossil fuel infrastructures.

In India, for example, there are already 4 million biogas plants; in China there are 10 million; it would be easy to design a car around this radically green infrastructure.

Moreover, the developing world will be responsible for 80% of the world's increasing demand for transport fuels, by 2030 and for more than 50% of the world's growth in CO2 emissions.

Added to this: their economies are highly 'energy intensive' and high energy prices make them suffer most. So they're the ones who benefit most from a hyper-efficient car.

The time for them to leapfrog beyond fossil fuels is now. And a design contest aimed at teams from universities and entrepreneurs from Brazil, India, China or Africa might stimulate this jump. It might also give the world the idea that engineers from these countries are really capable of creative designs, and not merely copy or execute what's coming from the West.

django, Aug 26 2006

Automotive X-prize http://auto.xprize.org/
"Technology neutral" - will probably end up being an old world petro-diesel car [django, Aug 26 2006]

Will this do? http://tinyurl.com/elrzr
Three person, 1.5hp, biological fuel source. [egbert, Aug 26 2006]

100 MPG car http://www.popularm...uel-economy/3374271
"How to Build a 100 Mile-Per-Gallon Car ... Right Now [AntiQuark, Aug 27 2011]


       Whats the point? If I had the design for a 100 mpg(or equivilent), inexpensive, green, spacious car, I would be an instant rich man anyway..
Voice, Aug 26 2006

       Mm, Voice, it doesn't really work that way. The fact is that large car manufacturers never take the risks of designing such a car, even though they can (see VW's 200mpg 1 liter concept), because of scaling problems, the mass of their workforce and capital, the razer-thin margins, the fact that the competition doesn't dare to radicalize either, which is why they all are extremely conservative in their designs and progress goes slowly.   

       A design competition and an award (like the X-prize) is often a way to break this sclerosis, and to create awareness in consumers - a very important marketing instrument.   

       But maybe you're right.
django, Aug 26 2006

       1. How do you translate 100 mpg into a car powered by biogas?   

       2. Why does it need to be a car?
bungston, Aug 26 2006

       baked ! and in a safe somewhere with the key, shaped not unlike a certain president's head, in the pocket of an Exxon Mobil Corporation executive.
xenzag, Aug 26 2006

       The problem is, in the third world a fourth-hand Peugeot 504 or several thousand Toyota Landcruiser parts travelling in convoy is a better deal.
Ned_Ludd, Dec 22 2006

       TATA of south of India, has a 2000 USD 'NANO' model, as the lowest price buy-in to four wheeled, four person, automotive ownership, outright !.   

       Similar in feel like a '80'ies Talbot Samba,, 12-13" wheels, 135 mm wide, :-).
sirau, Aug 27 2011


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