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New national anthem for the UK

Celebrate the golden jubilee by getting rid of our dirge about the queen
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Most countries in the world get a national anthem proclaiming the achievements of their country and the bravery of their people. In the uk we have a song about the queen. Whilst I would be the first to "send her victorious" into a battle somewhere (and her mum!), I think we could go better for a national song. Either that or start using the Sex Pistols version instead.
dare99, Mar 04 2002

A Man's a Man for A' That http://www.robertburns.org/works/496.html
With translation for the Englishers. [calum, Mar 04 2002]

my favourite python song http://www.montypyt.../scripts/galaxy.php
sing a long a me [po, Mar 05 2002]

(?) Nj2K Monarchy http://www.nj2k.co.uk/monarchy
Slightly irrelevant, but also slightly relevant. [NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002]


       Billy Connolly suggested the theme from The Archers
po, Mar 04 2002

       Yes, ditch the English anthem quick sharp - no one is going to convince me it was ever British. The fourth verse:

Lord grant that Marshal Wade
May by thy mighty aid
Victory bring.
May he sedition hush,
And like a torrent rush,
Rebellious Scots to crush.
God save the Queen!

Its a nasty piece of Imperialist rubbish, and a constant irritation to those of use who don't want to crush rebellious Scots. And it must be one of the worst tunes going. Why do anthems have to be a dirge?
mcscotland, Mar 04 2002

       ...those days are past now, and in the past they must remain...

this discussion is baked by Flanders and Swann, (UK 1950s duo doing stage/?radio revue type of thing. Swann on the piano; their most famous offering was the Hippopotamus song: "Mud, mud, glorious mud...") Anyway, I think they came to the conclusion that if not able to use 'Jerusalem' for obvious reasons, the English are left with Greenfleeves.
sappho, Mar 04 2002

       It's bugging me now - which comedian suggested a song to the "Match of the Day" tune?
hippo, Mar 04 2002

       Now that'd be a top one! I'd quite happily race into battle with anyone if I had that playing behind me (da da da daaa daa da da da daaa da da da da da da)
dare99, Mar 04 2002

       Don't know, hippo. But the match of the day theme could be the English national anthem, but not the UK one. In Scotland we get Sportscene and Scotsport, not Match of the Day.   

       As a general suggestion, I like "A Man's a Man For A' That."
calum, Mar 04 2002

       S'funny: Just on Friday night at a Highland Ball in London, I initially refused to stand up for the national anthem at the end of the night. My girlfriend made me stand though as I was becoming the subject of angry glares from the posh 'Scots' whose guests we were. It seems that certain people are fierce in their regard to the anthem, while others, including myself, find it at best ludicrous and at worst offensive. How about using "Raindrops keep falling on my Head" instead?
stupop, Mar 04 2002

       Culture Club: "Karma Chameleon"
hippo, Mar 04 2002

       I am old enough to remember the time when they played the national anthem at the end of the evening in the cinema - and I also remember the stampede to get out of the place at the beginning of the credits to miss having to stand still for five minutes.
po, Mar 04 2002

       Whatever it is, it has to have a lot of saxophone in it. Hmm... the Benny Hill theme, there it is.   

       I cringe every time I hear "My Country, T'is of Thee" here in the US. Bloody plagiarists.
waugsqueke, Mar 04 2002

       Considering there are some 2 or 3 million Indians in the UK now, you might consider the Indian national anthem - Jana Gana Mana. And the Americans can take up Israel's national anthem. Shalom!
kaching, Mar 04 2002

       Yes, because that would *really* please the other 1 or 2 million Pakistani-origin Brits, wouldn't it.
sappho, Mar 04 2002

       My own favourite wouldn't be the Pistols 'God Save the Queen' but the much better 'Anarchy in the UK', however, in light of sappho's anno may I respectfully suggest 'Melting Pot' by Blue Mink.
DrBob, Mar 04 2002

       or bohemian rhapsody, by queen,who also did some version of the tune of that
technobadger, Mar 04 2002

       I've always thought Martha and the Vandella's "Dancing in the Street" would make a much better U.S. national anthem than the one we have now.
snarfyguy, Mar 05 2002

       Just take Australia's national anthem, later verses go on about how wonderful the UK is so it would be somewhat appropriate.   

       This would also allow Australia to adopt a new anthem (Waltzing Matilda is a popular choice - many Americans seem to believe it's our anthem already).
madradish, Mar 05 2002

       Anything but that! Am I the only person who hates that dreary noise?

[Later edit: This in reference to a now-deleted suggestion that the UK National Anthem be 'Imagine' by John Lennon.]
angel, Mar 05 2002

       This was suggested on the BBC series "Write On" in the 70s where people read out their letters on TV. The producer arranged a clip with "In the Mood" playing as the Queen came out of a state car, I think.
Aristotle, Mar 05 2002

       Oh God, not "Imagine", please - the most dreary, whining song ever written.

"Karma Chameleon" would have the advantage that everyone knows it, and I like the image of athletes standing on the medals podium at the Olympics with the Union Jack (<pedant>Union Flag</pedant>) wrapped around their shoulders while "Karma Chameleon" plays.
hippo, Mar 05 2002

       No you're not angel.

If any country ever adopted a Funkadelic tune as their anthem I'd emigrate there in a shot.
mcscotland, Mar 05 2002

       Could we make Boy George the new queen as well? (rather than the old queen he is at the mo.)
dare99, Mar 05 2002

       Imagine: like the tune, hate the sentiment. "Imagine there's no heaven..." oh, really happy, John.   

       Seriously, what about "Rule Britannia"? Catchy tune.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       I dunno, we don't really rule the waves anymore.
dare99, Mar 05 2002

       So? Elizabeth doesn't really "reign over" you anymore either.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       Liz II has never reigned over those of us North of the border. She is Liz I.
mcscotland, Mar 05 2002

       She reigns, she just doesn't rule, I think. (Altho I agree about her name.)
pottedstu, Mar 05 2002

       More to the point, England should have a national Anthem, rather than just using the British one (is it British or Uk? Can never remember). I suggest Jerusalum.
percy, Mar 05 2002

       That's not in England, plus a bit too religious for my tastes
dare99, Mar 05 2002

       Something from Harrison Birtwistle's The Green Knight would be perfect.
pottedstu, Mar 05 2002

       Jelusarem by Graham Chapman of Monty Python

And did those feet in ancient times
Wark upon Engrand's mountains gleen?
And was the Hory Ramb of God
On Engrand's preasant pastules seen?

And did the Countenance Divine
Shine folth upon our crouded hirrs?
And was Jelusarem buirded hele
Among these dalk Satanic mirrs?

Bling me my bow of bulning gord!
Bling me my allows of desile!
Bling me my speal! O crouds unford!
Bling me my chaliot of file!

I sharr not cease from mentar fight
Nol sharr my swold sreep in my hand
Tirr we have buirt Jelusarem
In Engrand's gleen and preasant rand.
thumbwax, Mar 05 2002

       Careless Whisper - George Michael
notripe, Mar 05 2002

       John Cage's 4'33''
percy, Mar 06 2002

       better still - Lola.
po, Mar 06 2002

       I like Percy's idea...
StarChaser, Mar 08 2002

       Land of Hope and Glory, for sure.
Either that or the theme from 'Bob the Builder'
goff, Mar 08 2002

       Given who is probably going to be our next monarch I recommend the "Ying Tong" song. It could be sung while by the guards themselves when they are trooping the colour ...
Aristotle, Mar 08 2002

       Here's an American viewpoint on a subject that only a resident of the U.K. could have the proper insight for--and so this will only be amusing and not meant for serious consideration for such residents (how's that for a diplomatic disclaimer?).   

       If you want something middle-of-the-road but fairly new and innocuous with soaring melody but still singable--why not try something by the Moody Blues? You know that if in fact you had a national contest and vote to get to a new anthem, it would end up sounding like it had been written by them anyway.
entremanure, Mar 09 2002

       why thanks for that M. I thought we taught NZ everything it knows.
po, Mar 09 2002

       Entremanure: Not being a US resident doesn't stop any of the UK people from having opinions on things US...No need to apologize.
StarChaser, Mar 09 2002

       and the reverse is probably just as true, Star <grin>.
po, Mar 09 2002

       this discussion in the UK habitually ends up with a vote for - Land of Hope and Glory - I suppose we are all lateral thinkers here, but it is does give me goose pimples!
po, Mar 09 2002

       "I did it my way " Sex Pistols version..
arora, Mar 09 2002

       Brothers In Arms
sappho, Mar 11 2002

       You'd have to find something sounding oldish to get the ever increaseing pensioners vote
i see a bit of william wallace in mcscotland..
edski, Mar 12 2002

       Which bit edski? Should I give it back to him?
mcscotland, Mar 12 2002

       Actually, Flanders and Swann did a little diddy as a demi-British national anthem... "The English, the English, the English are best. I wouldn't give tuppins for all of the rest"
professorfrink, Apr 13 2002

       We certainly could do with something upbeat, I'd go for half inching the theme from Hawaii 5-0, keeping the existing lyrics but replace all reference to the Queen with the words "David Beckham"
IvanIdea, Apr 13 2002

       There is one interesting point relating to the recent Jubilee celebrations. During the communal singing outside Buckingham Palace 'Land of hope and Glory' was performed twice, but 'God save the Queen' only once.
observer, Jun 19 2002

       I'm with Rods Tiger on this one, except I was thinking of one small alteration to the Dead Kennedys' lyrics... *Caledonia* Uber Alles has a much better ring to it, I'd say.
Guy Fox, Jun 19 2002

       //in honor of the recently deceased Queen Mum//   

       but that almost entirely defeats the object. i would normally post a load of anti-royalist slander here but i don't want to offend anyone. if you won't be offended, see link r.e. Nj2K Monarchy
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       I can go with Ivan's Hawaii 5-0 nomination. Meandering ever so slightly off-topic, I use it as the 'Start Windows' sound on my PC. Strangely, it finishes just after the last of my start-up applications completes loading, so I never get that sitting-around-waiting-to-get-started feeling.
DrBob, Jul 03 2002

       The thing is, whatever the new version, someone out there won't like it. So, just don't have a national anthem. Or have 'I get knocked down... I get up again... you're never going to keep me down.... I get kknocked down...".... EVERYONE LIKES THAT SONG!
funky_monkey, Jul 13 2002

       Why just re-assign the British national anthem? Why not one for each territory?
England - London Calling - The Clash
Wales - The Green Green Grass Of Home - Tom Jones
Scotland - Why Does It Always Rain On Me - Travis
Ireland - Walk On - U2.
hidden truths, Nov 18 2005

       It seems that a lot of people in the US want to change the anthem to "America the Beautiful," mostly because they do a better job at remembering McDonald's slogans than "The Star-Spangled Banner," and because it's about some obscure war that ended in a truce and didn't really solve anything. This makes me like it even more, especially because I know the lyrics (the first verse, not the other three that no one ever sings).   

       I agree that "God Save the Queen" is a little boring. Here's what Eddie Izzard has to say on the matter:   

       But in Britain we don't win many gold medals at the Olympics… because we've chosen not to! It's a political statement! Because we hate our national anthem. Because it's "God Save the Queen," you see? "God Save the Queen." Now the Queen lives in a very big house, she has barbed wire outside, and people with guns in front of that. That's one saved ******* queen, I'll tell you! That's the problem! She's overly saved! She has no idea of the struggle of human existence. We have to work for a living, raise a family… we don't have nannies all running around the place. It's what you've got to do in your life, you know? So it's "God Save the Queen." No! It's too saved. It's "God Attack the Queen," that's what it should be! ( singing ) "God attack the Queen, send big dogs after her that bite her bum. Let them chase after her and rip her knickers off..." That'd be fantastic! Then she'd have to fight the crazy dog with a handbag with a brick inside of it.   

       "Crazy dog! Crazy dog!"   

       "Arrgghh, kill the Queen!"   

       "No - crazy dog!"   

       And maybe she'd kill the crazy dog and everyone in Britain would go, "Hey, fair play to the Queen,- killed the crazy dog." And the Queen would have self-respect for the first time in her life! Yes. It would work. It'd be fantabulous.   

       Well, sorry for the longish post, but I think someone needed to speak for Eddie Izzard.
discontinuuity, Nov 18 2005


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