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Whiten your teeth while you quit smoking!
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NicoDent dental whitening strips could revolutionize both the heath and beauty markets, and could help millions of people heal their lungs and whiten their teeth!

The concept is simple. A dental whitening strip that, along with a mild and non-toxic bleaching agent, also contains trace amounts of nicotine. You've just quit smoking. You're still having cravings. With NicoDent, every time you have a craving, you apply a whitening strip to your teeth. The nicotine enters your bloodstream through the soft tissue inside your mouth, while the bleaching agents remove the cigarette stains from your teeth.

Quit smoking, and whiten your teeth. All at the same time.

spyncycl, Feb 01 2004


       Hm...what's next - teeth-whitening cigarettes?
DrCurry, Feb 01 2004

       Makes alot of sense, since smokers are a big market for teeth whitening products.
krelnik, Feb 01 2004

       what about adding a mouthwash too? +
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004

       And vitamin E for that leathery skin. +
kevindimie, Feb 01 2004

       and A for the eyes!
nomadic_wonderer, Feb 01 2004


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