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The NicStick

Lip balm for the quitting smoker
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Nicotine laced lip balm, to aid smoking-quitters in developing a new habit that's not as dangerous to their health. The stick would be sold in different concentrations to "ease-you-off." The Oral fixation, hand-to-mouth thing is addressed, and your lips glimmer like a swimsuit models.

This is especially good for swimsuit models because we all know they all smoke like chimneys.

And it's good for people that make blanket statements about people groups.

macncheesy, Nov 29 2011

FDA rules nicotine-spiked lollipops, lip balm illegal http://chronicle.au...15/tec_338687.shtml
[tatterdemalion, Dec 05 2011]

Butt flicking Butt_20flicking_20clay
...sure miss [bristolz] [normzone, Dec 05 2011]


       I think that this is a good idea. F the FDA. Almost anything would be better than cigarettes.
WcW, Dec 05 2011

       Well, if you're going to have a left over container for the recovering smoker to leave laying around, you have not yet solved all the problem.   

       And don't we have an idea somewhere around here regarding butt-flicking clay?
normzone, Dec 05 2011

       +'d it when you posted it. Further commentary would've been penis based, speculating on the efficacy of nicotine-based vaginal lubricant, etc.
FlyingToaster, Dec 05 2011

       Illegal shmeagle. Enough money in lobbying and the FDA would love it.
macncheesy, Dec 08 2011


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