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Night Vision Contact Lenses

perfect invention for your ordinary secret agent
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A secret agent needs to be descreet at all times. These night vision contact lenses look just like ordinary lenses but have a special luminent coating reactant to light which makes your surroundings look much clearer. The fact that you arnt carrying a huge pair of goggles dosent advertise the fact your working for the enemy. You could also try to make a pair of thermal imaging lenses.
BIG BAD PETE, Sep 17 2001

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       "Special luminent coating?" Blah. Magic.
jutta, Sep 17 2001

       I suppose it could be feasible that the lenses act like those reactive glasses lenses - but by blocking out all light other than infra red - however since we don't see in that spectrum anyway they would just make the spy blind.
fridge duck, Jan 19 2005

       What do you mean "special spy equipment", I'm just playing face ludo.
wagster, Jan 19 2005

       // however since we don't see in that spectrum anyway they would just make the spy blind.//   

       Unless..... The electronic equipment usually utilised in the goggles to do all the technical jiggery pokery is minituarised and installed into the users head - they could then receive a signal from the contact lense, convert it and pump it straight into the brain...
RichieRich, Jan 19 2005


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