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Pirate Sunglasses

Hidden truths posts pirate idea, jumps on bandwagon, is massive hypocrite
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I’ll say that I thought of this as an idea before thinking of posting it here. Some will believe me. Many probably won’t. I can’t say I blame them. Feel free to mentally replace the pirate type words with 'person with eye-patch'. I just went for the easiest example.

In this age of ozone depletion and rising awareness of eye damage, good eye care is massively important. Sunglasses are a must for the modern, cosmopolitan pirate. Of course, wearing glasses over an eye patch is a serious fashion faux-pas. I mean, they’d just look ridiculous.

Pirate sunglasses are for the buccaneer with a sense of style. There is a perfectly normal lens (UVA and UVB resistant) for the good eye and a curve designed to fit in perfectly with the standard issue eye patch for the other, with a slight added weight to balance the lens side.

Naturally they come in both left and right varieties. Brigands, don’t let yourselves be seen out without them.

hidden truths, Jun 15 2006

Tinted monocle sun_20monocle
But what self respecting pirate (or any other person for that matter) would go around wearing a monocle [hidden truths, Jun 15 2006]

Argghh, not pink me mateys! http://images.amazo...984.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg
[skinflaps, Jun 15 2006]

Airwolf rules http://www.tv-serie...d.com/airwolf.shtml
airwolf patch glasses [akgeo, Jun 15 2006]


       Eye patch tinted monocle?
skinflaps, Jun 15 2006

       [bananaman] already corners the market in monocles (see link).
hidden truths, Jun 15 2006

       I seemed to remember that a charactor in the short lived tv series "Airwolf" had patch glasses. Sure enough (link) baked (but don't feel bad, cause you got baked by Airwolf which bakes like a million people a second)
akgeo, Jun 15 2006

       I suggest a better headline would be:
[hidden truths] talks exclusively to the HB Times about his involvement.
methinksnot, Jun 15 2006

       I think your next product should be a rubber hand which can be threaded onto the standard issue pirate hook.
bungston, Jun 15 2006


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