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Nightlight/flashlight switch

Many functions
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The proposal is for a combined nightlight/ flashlight/light switch.

The existing light switch is removed and the base unit installed.

This is a light switch with a low voltage socket into which the portable unit is normally plugged. Optionally, it can interface with home automation transmitters.

The portable unit contains LED lamps, a battery and charge controller, a light sensor, and a programmer.

The unit's primary function is to switch the room light on and off.

The detachable unit can be instructed to operate as a nightlight, coming on at a low level once darkness falls or at specific times. It can also switch the main room light on a timer.

If mains power is cut, the LED on the portble unit blinks to conserve power and indictate its location. When unplugged from its socket, it switches to full brightness and becomes a rechargeable flashlight.

To simplify the physical controls, the unit would be programmed via Bluetooth from an app running on a smartphone or tablet.

8th of 7, Dec 04 2013

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       Ugh, practical inventions that would make money, gross.
leinypoo13, Dec 05 2013

       I suspect this is actually a metaphor for an outlandishly complex and wildly dangerous new toy for children.
swimswim, Dec 05 2013

       and this is different from a wallswitch/outlet with a nightlight/flashlight plugged into it how ?   

       <in with [swimswim] but I think it's probably a laser-pointer cat-trap>.
FlyingToaster, Dec 05 2013


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